Interested in living in Ecovillage?

We have room for new people in our community. If you are interested in living in Ecovillage, please contact us via e-mail and tell about yourself. Most of our residents understand and speak English, but Finnish is our main language, and all of the community's meetings and communication is held in Finnish. Therefore one must learn at least the basics of Finnish language if one wishes to live here.

There are three phases in settling into the Ecovillage:

  • two-day visit
  • two weeks trial period
  • six months trial period

After each phase the community meeting decides whether or not the person may continue to the next phase. After the six months trial period the community decides about accepting the person to become a full member of the community. During the phases the member candidates pay for rent and for food just like all the residents do.

Decision-making and ways of acting in the community

In the decision-making we strive towards open conversation. We use majority vote, consensus and/or sociocracy depending on the issue.

All the issues concerning the ecovillage are discussed in our Monday meeting, which acts as a council of residents. We try to prepare the issues well in advance before the meetings. Every resident is allowed to bring proposals to the meetings by him/herself or with others.

The residents choose their tasks and responsibilities. There are no leaders.


Things that are prohibited in Keuruu Ecovillage

In order to maintain a harmonious life in a community, there are rules we expect all of our members and visitors to respect:

  • We wish to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all of our members, including small children. Therefore it is prohibited to use alcohol or drugs in this Ecovillage. All kinds of physical and mental/emotional violence is also prohibited.
  • Everyone has a right to one's own worldview - all kinds of converting is prohibited.
  • Disagreements and conflicts between people are dealt with discussion, usually in small groups.