Everyday life

Everyday life in Ecovillage

Life in the Ecovillage consists of many kinds of activities, depending on seasons. There are always things to do in the main kitchen, maintenance and cleaning duties. In the summertime gardening and renovation of buildings takes a lot of time. Every adult resident participates in these daily tasks somehow.

The residents are connected by interest towards ecological ways of living. Everyone takes care of one's own livelihood independently.  Some of us go to work outside the village, some have their own businesses and some work via the Keuruu Ecovillage cooperative. Most of us gather together in our weekly meetings, "Monday meeting", where we discuss and make decisions about shared matters. In our meetings we use majority vote, consensus and sociocracy as decision-making methods, depending on the issue.  We also have speech circles regularly.

Some of our residents have animals, and visitors can meet dogs, cats, dairy goats, horses and hens in the yard.



Organic gardening and herbs

Organic gardening is an important part of life in Ecovillage. We strive to be as self-sufficient as possible with food, and grow most of our vegetables, root vegetables, berries and culinary herbs in our garden. We have a long experience in mulch gardening. We try to preserve original plant species. We have lots of knowledge in herbs, and we collect wild herbs and grow culinary herbs in our garden, and dry them to be used as food and in herbal teas.


Creative expression is an important part of many of our resident's lives.  We have room for singing, djembe-drumming, dancing and playing musical instruments, and we have two pianos, guitars and percussion instruments for free use. There are also possibilities to make visual art, many kinds of handcrafts and ceramics. Some of our residents are artisans, who make for example illustration-, felting and wire jewelry products.



The Ecovillage is surrounded by beautiful nature; forests, fields and the lake. One can take a walk or during the wintertime ski in the forest, swim in the lake, or go for a bike tour. Our daily work includes a lot of physical tasks, such as taking care of composts, gardening, picking berries, herbs and mushroom, and maintenance of yard and buildings.

We also have a gymnasium, where people can play different kinds of ball games. In the yard there is room for many kinds of outdoor sports and games.


Energy self-sufficiency

Our long-time goal is to be as self-sufficient as possible by using many kinds of renewable energy sources. From 2005 on the ecovillage has used only
renewable energy sources to cover the energy needs of it's buildings.